Welcome all moms!

pregnant and breastfeeding mother

Welcome to the Mommy Express Blog! A safe, informative and fun place related to all things motherhood. The definition of motherhood is the state of being a mother. It doesn't matter what stage of motherhood you are in. You may be yearning to have a baby and trying to conceive. You may be pregnant with your first baby or your fifth baby. You may be one week postpartum or nine weeks postpartum. You may be raising toddlers or teens. You may have adopted a baby or child. You may be a grandmother. You may have successfully breastfed for one week, for one year or didn’t succeed at breastfeeding at all (and that’s ok!). You may be tandem nursing or trying to wean. You may be pumping. You may be a stay at home mom or a working mom. You may be struggling to find balance with all life throws at you as a mother or you may have figured out how to manage it all with ease. Motherhood unites us all.

Our Mommy Express Blog will cover all topics related to motherhood: pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding, formula feeding or supplementing, breast pumping, lactation support, nursing in public, weaning baby, returning to work, babywearing, attachment parenting, raising babies, raising toddlers and older children, parenting as a single mom or with a partner or spouse, blended families, siblings, prenatal and postnatal exercise and diet, balancing home and work life, and much more!

In addition to editorials about motherhood, we will also be featuring product reviews of our fabulous maternity nursing bras, breastfeeding clothes, postpartum shapewear, breastfeeding pads, and the most delicious lactation cookie mixes and snacks for nursing moms. Stay tuned, lots to come!