Dear Breasts, I am thankful for you

Dear Breasts,
I am thankful for you. However, I have had a love/hate relationship with you at times, but you've been there, with me, always! You've been a source of aggravation and also a source of great pride. You alerted me of my pregnancies and you also caught a couple of fly balls for me, too. You made sure that sauces didn't go too far astray at a meal, and you provided some meals to 2 beautiful boys. Thank you!
In my teens, you were the bane of my existence. Boys were watching you transform. My brothers would call you Mosquito bites and tell me to put Band-Aids on them. You would hurt as I was preparing to start my first period. And, when we'd do P.E. it was uncomfortable to run. Boys would start to stare at them and not at my face during conversations. I hated you then!
In my 20's, I discovered the power you had over men, and I liked it! Many a bikinis were perfectly filled out by you! You helped me get out of a few traffic tickets. You made perfectly articulate men turn into babbling idiots. I spent many a good dollars on pretty bras that showcased you just right in a sweater. I learned to love you then!
In my late 20's and early 30's, you became a nutritional vessel for my children. You were sacred and holy. You were a tool of a different sort than that of the breasts that would beguile men. You magically fed and protected my babies' health. You taught me via this experience how to be a woman! You empowered me to become a better mother by sacrificing my body, my sleep, and myself to the enrichment of my children's health! I'm in awe of you.
Dear Breasts. You became part of an unspoken connection to other women. You were the bond in the secret sisterhood of lactating women. You taught me to be a teacher and a mentor. I'm blessed by you.
As I approach my 40's, and breasts start to point downward. I resent that you are not as pretty as you were in your 20's, but, then again, nothing on me is. Luckily, there are still pretty bras that will make you look good in a sweater. Happy Thanksgiving to all of our moms and their breasts!