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We, at Nursing Bra Express, strive to help you have best possible breastfeeding experience in the world! We can do that in part by carrying only the best possible nursing bras, nursingwear and breastfeeding products on the market.  Our brands are sure to please both you and your baby during this extra special time in your life.

Fun, flirty, functional nursing fashion! Designed with the mother in mind and baby at heart.  Amamante Nursingwear is dedicated to creating nursingwear to prolong thebreastfeeding experience.  Amamante’s signature series nursing gowns have a built in sleep bra for leakage control and support. Nursing pads stay in place and built in sleep bra just pulls down to nurse without removing strap. You can buy Amamante’s best selling nursing gown here at Nursing Bra Express. Amamante is focused on providing made in the USA nursing fashions that are affordable for nursing moms.
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For over 100 years, Anita Maternity has been providing nursing moms with high quality and highly functional maternity and nursing bras.  Moms worldwide trust Anita nursing bras.  Anita ensures that you can enjoy intimate nursing moments with your baby in peace and comfort. Anita nursing bras fit snugly without restricting and provide effective support through to the larger sizes. With the KwikKlip® system, nursing moms can fasten and unfasten the nursing bras with one hand while holding baby in the other arm. The cups and straps on Anita nursing bras are designed so that they do not slip while breastfeeding.  Anita 5068 is a most popular style among nursing moms.
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Our very own brand Baby Nip™ was created in 2012.  Baby Nip™ is a line of mom and baby products that currently include washable nursing pads and baby nipple hats, which are cute little baby hats made to look like a breast with a nipple that baby can wear on his/her head.  Not only does it keep the baby's head warm, it also pokes fun at people who shun moms who breastfeed in public.  We hope that moms not only get a smile when they see this cute nipple hat, but that they get a sense of empowerment while nursing in public.  This hat also makes a great shower gift!  Baby Nip™ washable nursing pads are molded to fit nicely inside of your bra and seamless so there is no bulk. 
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Bebe au Lait breastfeeding covers are the most popular and stylish around! California based Bebe au Lait develops superior-quality nursing covers that pair beautiful prints with luxurious fabrics to meet the needs of modern, active moms.  Bebe au Lait breastfeeding cover’s safe and reliable design is patented and their unique prints are designed in-house with stylish nursing moms in mind. Popular Bebe au Lait prints are Bebe au Lait in Papillon which is a pale cream and brown with a vibrant purple Asian-inspired floral pattern, Bebe au Lait in Marmont which is an exotic blue pattern, Bebe au Lait in Yoko which is a black and white print and has a gorgeous Japanese-inspired pattern, and Bebe au Lait in Chateau Silver which is a classic, elegant Victorian-like print with a luxurious design in a modern palette of ivory and silver. 
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Belabumbum nursing bras and nursingwear are designed to encourage women to feel pampered, sexy, and just plain cool during what is truly one of the most important times of a woman’s life– during and after pregnancy, nursing and beyond!  Belabumbum’s best selling nursing bra, the Copacabana Nursing Bra can be found right here at Nursing Bra Express, along with the Lotus Nursing Bra which is also a popular choice among pregnant and nursing moms.
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Belmama & Cherub understand the needs of pregnant and nursingn moms!  Needless to say, your body goes through a lot, especially your breasts and nipples, and most moms understand the extent of breast pain and tenderness associated with pregnancy and early stage breastfeeding.   Sore breasts deserve a bit of tender loving care and the Shower Hug™, created by Belmama & Cherub, does just that! 
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The nursing bras moms ask for by name! Bravado nursing bras surely have one of the strongest reputations among nursing moms.  Bravado nursing bras are extremely comfortable, nicely styled, and are made of the highest quality fabrics available. Not only are Bravado nursing bras a favorite among nursing moms, but also plenty others. Lactation Consultants, midwives, childbirth educators and others in the healthcare community constantly recommend Bravado nursing bras to their moms again and again. Take a peek at our Breastfeeding Celebrity page where you can see your favorite stars wearing Bravado nursing bras! They are worn and loved by moms worldwide, including celebrity moms like Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Garner and Jessica Alba. Bravado’s commitment is to bolster and enhance the self-esteem of pregnant and nursing moms everywhere.
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Earth Mama Angel Baby's pregnancy, childbirth and baby products were born of sincere faith in the natural process of birthing babies. Earth Mama Angel Baby uses the highest-quality, certified-organic or organically grown herbs and oils for all of their products. Their products are 100% toxin-free, cruelty-free, vegan, and free from all artificial preservatives, fragrances and dyes. Earth Mama Angel Baby’s commitment to honor the earth and her valuable resources extends to their packaging as well – they use only eco-friendly recyclable or reused/reuseable packaging and packing materials. Earth Mama Angel Baby is also the proud recipient of the BRAG (Business Recycling Award Group) for their green practices.  Natural Nipple Butter is a great alternative to lanolin, as some mamas are allergic to wool.  Booby Tubes are wonderful treat for engorged breasts. Their products are extremely gently on your skin and baby’s skin. 
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Fancee Free has spent over 50 years providing nursing moms with quality nursing bras and undergarments and continues to do so today. As a long time manufacturer of full figure undergarments, Fancee Free is most often recognized for producing nursing bras that provide exceptional support.  The Great Support Nursing Bra, sizes go up to a band size of 50 and a cup size of M, almost any nursing mom can find the perfect fit.  Fancee Free’s designers continuously strive to create innovative yet functional products without compromising style and comfort. 
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All moms should be Glamourmoms!  Glamourmom makes nursing apparel and nursing bras for today's mom who wants comfort, style and great fit.  The company was born in 2000, after its founder was searching for a supportive nursing top with quick, easy access to her breasts.  She also wanted her tummy covered while she nursed.  Several years later, Glamourmom has become a premier and well loved brand among nursing moms! Glamourmom nursing bra long tanks and tops are super supportive and great for layering so you can wear them year round!
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La Leche League International is an organization that for the last 50 years has strived to enhance the lives of nursing moms. La Leche League Intimates offer a nicely designed a line of high quality, beautifully styled, and affordable nursing bras and nursingwear. La Leche League has created innovative nursing bras including the famous Wrap N’ Snap nursing bra that adjusts to a pregnant and nursing mom’s ever-changing body size while still being stylish and functional. La Leche League nursing bras have easy-to-open cups and are mindful of busy moms on the go. La Leche League nursing bras look as pretty as today's pre-nursing bras so new moms will want to wear this lingerie line for many years after nursing their babies.  A portion of all La Leche League licensed products goes to La Leche League International to support their many programs and services worldwide.
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Lamaze nursing bras are here to walk you through the transition to motherhood and beyond!  Lamaze manufactures comfortable, affordable nursing bras to accompany you through this miraculous time in your life!  All Lamaze nursing bras and nursing tank are approved by the non-for-profit Lamaze Association.  Lamaze nursing bras are highly functional yet fashionable to make you look and feel your best!  Lamaze Intimates – the industry leader and expert in maternity and nursing intimate apparel.
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Leading Lady is certainly a "leader" in its class.  The company has been in the intimate apparel business since 1939.  A young man by the name of Frank Farino became un-employed when the bra company he worked for closed its doors.  The company paid Farino his severance for vacation time and sick days and he turned around and used that money to invest in sewing machines.  Leading Lady was born and continues to design and manufacture high quality nursing bras and tanks for breastfeeding moms. 
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Lunette® Menstral Cups are the preferred choice among modern women for protection during their menstral cycle.  Safe for women, safe for the environment - just fold and insert like a tampon and the cup collects fluids rather than absorbing, keeping you healthy, lubricated and happy. 
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Breastfeeding has been at the heart of Medela's business since 1961 when it was founded in Switzerland by Olle Larsson and it has been branded in the United States for over 30 years.  As a major manufacturer of trusted and mom-loved breast pumps, Medela also makes fabulous nursing bras that are made of top quality combed cotton and microfiber.   Medela nursing bras have an extrememly low return rate, they fit wonderfully and our customers love them.  In addition to nursing bras, we also sell Medela support bands for materntiy and post-birth.
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Comfy bras, beautiful bras…for beautiful nursing moms and their beautiful babies! Melinda G™ nursing bras are sure to become a favoriteMelinda G™ nursing bra styles include sizing options so you are sure to find your most comfortable fit. All Melinda G™ nursing bras feature easy nursing access, great styling, beautiful fabrics, seamless cups, non-stretch comfort straps and easy 4-adjustment back closures to accommodate changing post-natal figures.
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Maya Wrap, Inc. was officially born in 1996. Maya Wrap has grown to become the gold standard in ring slings and baby carriers today. Maya Wrap products are used by celebrities and savvy parents worldwide.  Maya Wrap is passionate about the products they sell and their  mission is to create safe and innovative products that simplify your life and let you focus on what is most important- your baby.
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QT Intimates nursing bras are comfortable, functional and budget friendly! QT is a leading manufacturer of nursing bras and related apparel.  You are sure to find a QT nursing bra that fits your body, your boobs and your budget!
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We are proud to offer postpartum shapewear by Shaparee!  Most moms need a little help in the tummy department after baby is born.  We have a great line of Shaparee products to slim your belly, hips and rear and get you into your pre-pregnancy clothes sooner.
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