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Many new moms worry about how often their baby is feeding and it's totally normal because breast milk is so easy digested. I say just go with the flow if baby wants it, give it! - Nursing Bra Express Facebook Fan

No excuses, no selfishness, no whining. You WILL love it soon enough! - Nursing Bra Express Facebook Fan

They grow up too fast! Don't worry about all that needs to get done, because your baby just wants the best of you! - Veronica, mom of 2

Don't give up! And use the restroom before you start.  - Nursing Bra Express Facebook Fan

You will find happy milk smiles, your baby watching you, playing with your hair/necklace/ is a precious time that will someday be missed! - Nursing Bra Express Facebook Fan

Tell yourself " I have plenty of milk for my baby!" and imagine a gentle waterfall of milk. - Nursing Bra Express Facebook Fan