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The baby positioned on the breast with the entire nipple and at least an inch of the areolar tissue in his mouth. The compression of the suck and the baby’s tongue resting on the lower gum allows the baby to draw milk through the nipple. – American Academy of Pediatrics

Colorstrum: It is the forerunner to breastmilk and may be yellow to almost colorless. It is present in the breasts during pregnancy and the initial fluid that baby will receive for approximately 2-3 days until breastmilk is established. - American Academy of Pediatrics

For Baby, there are countless benefits – here are just a handful! Perfectly matched nutrition, Stimulates senses of taste and smell, Filled with antibodies that protect against infection and it’s easily digested. 

– American Academy of Pediatrics

"New research has found that breastfeeding for at least six months is associated with language, movement, and coordination skills." - Moms Pop Sugar

"The consistency of breast milk is easier for developing digestive systems to process than formula." - Moms Pop Sugar

With the ideal combination of vitamins, protein, and fat, breast milk offers your infant everything he or she needs to grow in every ounce. - Pop Sugar Website

Babies lose an average of 7% of their birth weight in the first 3 days after birth. For example, a 3.2 kilogram or 7-pound baby will lose about 230 grams or 1/2 a pound. - American Academy of Pediatrics

Babies often experience a sudden burst in growth - a growth "spurt" - at certain times within their first weeks. During these growth spurts your baby may want to nurse more than usual. - American Academy of Pediatrics

Ask your OB to refill your prenatal prescription. This is just as much for your benefit as for your baby's. Just like during pregnancy, your baby will get the nutrients she needs from you, but if you don't take care of your body, you're the one who will suffer. Or ask your OB before resuming any other supplements while breastfeeding! - Nursing Bra Express Facebook Fan

Be sure to get the right latch, try different breastfeeding positions, Get help EARLY! Use a prop: a Boppy, Nipple cream and nursing pads! Expect that it will have it's challenges, and lastly think peaceful thoughts - Nurisng Bra Express Fan