Snooki pumps! - September 24, 2012

Most of us were shocked when we found out that Jersey Shore star Snooki was pregnant.  After several interviews with gossip magazines and the news, we never thought she would breastfeed after hearing some of her comments regarding it.  Well, Snooki has smartened up and has decided to give her baby boy the best food possible: breast milk.  She didn't want to breastfeed because a friend of hers did and said it was painful.  She did try it and learned to love it.  Now, however, she chooses to pump and give her little baby Lorenzo, a bottle.  She has recently posted pictures to her Twitter of her breastpump and has titled it "from fistpump to breastpump" and "milkin it for my baby".  Snooki is also very  happy about the fact that breastfeeding burns calories.