Oklahoma's first Breast Milk Bank Opens - Nov 14, 2012

A group of local women have gotten together and started the first breast milk bank in the state of Oklahoma.  It is named Oklahoma Mother's Milk Bank and now joins as the 13th milk bank across the United States.  The women who are behind the breast milk bank claimed that every state should have a milk bank as there are so many babies in the NICU across the country and they need breast milk to survive and become healthy.  These women are taking the step in the right direction to help the hospitals and pre-maturely born babies in state of Oklahoma.  Planning for the breast milk bank took about two years.  The OU Medical Center's NICU unit can hold 90 babies and they will now be able to receive the donated breast milk.  Before the Oklahoma bank opened, those babies needed to depend on frozen milk shipped from nearby Texas.  Mother's cannot always make enough milk for pre-mature babies or sick babies.  The donated milk keeps the babies heathly and keeps their little tummies full!  As reported on Fox 25 KOKH-TV Oklahoma City.