MIT has new lactation rooms - Oct 10, 2012

There are many colleges across America that don't provide lactation rooms for breastfeeding mothers that must return back to work.  MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) is above the bar as they now have 15 lactation rooms for nursing mothers.  They just added another pumping room, which was reported on the college's website yesteday.  Having a lactation room is an added bonus for a breastfeeding mother that has to return to work.  Knowing that she has a comfortable, clean space to pump will put her at ease as she returns to work and will hopefully encourage her to pump for many more weeks to come.  According to MIT staff, the college has a huge commitment to keeping their community healthy and as we all know, breastfeeding is best for both mom and baby with short-term and long-term healthiness.  Massachusetts state law requires employers to provide breastfeeding mothers with pumping breaks and a clean space to do so.  MIT is often recognized by the Massachuesetts Breastfeeding Coalition because they do such an excellent job of providing nursing mothers with ample space to pump.  Some of the lactation rooms come equipped with a breast pump, but mothers must bring their own tubing, breast shields and bottles.  The rooms also have comfy sofas, sinks and refrigerators. MIT is located in Cambridge, MA and is known for supporting breastfeeding to the fullest.  The city's health alliance participates in World Breastfeeding Week each year and hosts a special event that's open to the public that offers breastfeeding support and has a breastfeeding photo contest.  According to the Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition, the Cambridge Birth Center has an A+ as 100% of moms discharged from the center are breastfeeding, this was reported back in 2007 and we couldn't find any new data available.  Massachusetts has always had high breastfeeding rates when compared to other states in the country.  You can find out more about MIT's lactation rooms on their website: