Kim Kardashian uses breast milk to treat her psoriasis

Not only is breast milk the #1 choice to feed your baby, it is also used as a natural remedy to heal many human conditions.  I was recently watching an episode of Kim & Kourtney (Kardashian) Take Miami and Kim was complaning of her legs being covered with psoriasis.  I was actually sort of relieved to see that such a stunning and seemlingly perfect Kim Kardashian had something wrong with her.  It makes her seem more human to me, to know that she struggles with imperfections just like the rest of us.  I am sure she panics and covers her legs any time she has an outbreak.  Anyways, Kim heard that breast milk clears up the unsightly skin condition.  Lucky for Kim, her sister Kourtney Kardashian was currently breastfeeding her daughter Penelope.  Kim knew that Kourtney had a stash of stored breast milk in the fridge at their condo and decided to "steal" some and apply it to her skin.  I would have just asked my sister for breast milk, but I'm sure the sisters (or Kris Jenner!) wanted to make it more exciting for TV.  Anyways, Kim applied the milk and it seemed to work!  Now that she is pregnant, she will have an additional reason to choose breastfeeding.  I am sure she will have a super deluxe breast pump and she will freeze as much milk as possible to last her a very long time.  Who knows, maybe Kim will develop a new type of Kardashian-labeled cream or soap infused with her own breast milk to sell to the mass market to cure those with psoriasis!  Regardless of what Kim does with her own baby, I hope she chooses to breastfeed and I hope she makes it public on her show.  Kourtney Kardashian has breastfed two babies and it is very helpful for breastfeeding activists and websites like Nursing Bra Express to see celebrities endorsing breastfeeding, especially young and beautiful celebs such as the Kardashian sisters.  Poor Khloe has struggled to get pregnant, but hopefully she will one day soon and follow in her sister's footsteps and nurse her little one.  I posted the Kim Kardashian using breast milk comment on our Facebook page and got tons of comments.  Here are some other health benefits from using breast milk as a remedy from our fans (maybe we should send this list to Kim!):
- pink eye and styes
- burns
- eczema
- diaper rashes
- vaginal itch
- pimples
- nipple dryness
- cradle cap
- in ears for ear infections