Action! Sign Petition for 1,000 Days Partnership to support breastfeeding & nutrition

Save the Children organization based in Westport, CT has just released a new report that makes note of four major barriers to improved breastfeeding around the world.  The report states that if moms chose to breastfeed their babies immediately after giving birth there are thousands of lives that could be saved.  The estimated thousands of lives is a whopping 830,000 per year.  This is referred to as the "power hour" that is immediately after birth.  The breastfeeding barriers in the report are identified as cultural and community pressures (such as being afraid to nurse in public), lack of trained health care providers possibly due to budget cuts in hospitals, lack of employers offering lengthy maternity leaves, and the never ending advertising of formula which consists of formula gift bags, formula packages showing up at new mother's doorsteps and formula magazine ads to name a few.  The report states that so many moms don't get the support or education they need to nurse their babies immediately after birth and to try to continue exclusively nursing for six months.  The colostrum found in breast milk is the first milk to touch the baby's tongue and it is so important that a newborn ingests colostrum for the strength of his immune system.  American babies have a much higher survival rate than the babies in Africa, for instance.  Malnutrition and child deaths globally are more than two million per year.  If every mom was able to breastfeed, these numbers would be lowered significantly.  Save the Children organization is pleading with new Secretary John Kerry to renew the U.S. commitment to a very important global nutrition initiative that was begun in 2010.  The intiative is called the 1,000 Days Partnership and it expires in June 2013.  Help mothers and babies get the breastfeeding support they need by signing the petition at